what you financial agent will tell you and why you shouldn't listen

The times are tough. The global financial world is in turmoil. Yet,as the saying goes, life must go on. You cannot stop investing, taking a loan, buying a house or taking an insurance. But you can be careful. Careful against that friendly financial agent. Call him an advisor, planner, distributor or broker. You believe he will sell you the best product only to find out that it was indeed the best, but for him, not you. This book arms you with simple tips to make sure your agent sells you the right product. Be it a mutual fund, a loan, insurance or even a house; use this handy guide to take the best decision
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Investments, Stock markets and Financial planning

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Author : Deepa Venkatraghvan
Number of Pages :218
Publisher :CNBC TV 18

Published Year : 2008 

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Book Type :Hardcover
ISBN :9788190647939