42 Rules For Growing Enterprise Revenue

Marketing, sales, and business development executives face constant pressure to boost revenue. This book is a brainstorming tool meant to provoke discussion and creativity within executive teams who are looking to boost their top line numbers. '42 Rules for Growing Enterprise Revenue' is based on two concepts: No effective effort to grow a company is ever contained within a single function There is no silver bullet -- you have to keep trying new things and making bets So, this isn't a marketing or sales book; it doesn't focus on a single idea or framework. Instead, it discusses many different ways that companies have succeeded in boosting sales. This collection of practical ideas about the strategies that raise sales combines Lilia Shirman's observations from almost 20 years of experience in marketing, business development, strategic alliance management and operations with stories and lessons from other technology business leaders. The rules cover a broad spectrum of concepts, including: Laying the foundation for growth New market entry Sales enablement Solutions Industry specialization Demonstrating value Some rules are reminders of the things you know you "should do" but never implemented. Others might spark new ideas, or inspire different approaches to old ones. A few are warnings about the roadblocks you'll want to avoid. All are practical, concise, and actionable.
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This book is an astute and practical guide to greater customer engagement, more valuable offerings, and market approaches that produce consistently bigger wins.
Published Year : 2012
Total Pages : 111

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