Crime Busters

There is always a criminal who believes he can get away wih his crimes - the perfect poison that leaves no trace, the murdered body so eaasily disposed of - but the tiniest clue will be quite enough for the forensic expert. THE CRIME BUSTERS covers Law Enforcers: FBI, Scotland Yard, Pinkerton Detective Agency, Interpol and MI5; murderous methods including poison, gas inhalation, gunshots, strangulation and knife wounds; the history of forensic science and details of cases solved by scientific deduction. Vital evidence can be deduced from a bloodstain or a fingerprint, a scrap of paper, the chips of paint from a car, or gleaned from sophisticated electronic equipment like voice machines and lie detectors. These are the methods of crime busting used by the FBI, Scotland Yard and Interpol.
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Published By : VERDICT PRESS
Published Year : 2002
Total Pages : 576

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