Forensic Science

Modern Method Of Solving Crime. From Poe's Dupin and Doyle's Holmes to the television hits Quincy and CSI, the public's fascination with science employed to solve crimes continues and grows. But this understanding of how science works in the forensic laboratory is filtered through the fictional worlds of books and television. How is science really used to fight crime? What techniques are used to catch criminals and free the innocent? Forensic scientists work with police, investigators, medical personnel, attorneys and others to uphold justice, but their methods are often misunderstood, overestimated, underestimated, revered or disputed. Here, the author answers many common questions about forensic science: How is the science conducted and by whom? What are the real limits and real benefits of forensic science? What new techniques are emerging to catch 21st-century criminals? Readers are treated to an insider's overview of the realties of forensic science. Forensic Science: Modern Methods of Solving Crime covers the basic concepts of forensic science and how it assists in criminal investigations.
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Author : MAX M. HOUCK
Published Year : 2007
Total Pages : 165

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