1. I bought a product from Jiffikart and want to write a review about that. How and where can I do that?
If you have made a purchase at Jiffikart and wish to share your opinion regarding the product, you can do so by going to the product page and clicking on “Write a Review” under product title. Alternatively, you can also post a review from My Account>My Reviews. Simply click on “Write a Review” against corresponding order number.

2. Is there a format I should be following while posting helpful reviews?
Dos and Don’ts for submitting a good review:
• Only post reviews about the quality of product.
• Avoid writing in SMS form. It's easier to type but difficult to read
• Do not post your personal or contact information in the review. It’s a public forum, viewable to all. Entering personal information may compromise your privacy.
• Do not use abusive language, profanities, threats or libel.
• Do not type in BLOCK letters.
• Do not name other online sites.
• Do not post spam.

3. What happens to the reviews that are reported as Abuse?
Reported reviews come to us again for moderation. They are approved or disapproved following the standard moderation guidelines. If the review is found to be in violation of the above-stated guidelines, it is permanently removed from the site.

4. Can I edit or update my review after I submit it?
No. The reviews can neither be edited nor updated after posting.

5. Can I review a product twice?
No. You can't.

6. Can I rate a product without submitting a review about it?
No. You would have to submit a review as well.

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