Social Movements II- Concerns of Equity and Security

With essays published over the last fifty years, the twin-volume Social Movements is the most comprehensive anthology of social movement studies in Independent India. The volumes cover religious, caste, linguistic, tribal, peasant, labour, women, youth, and environmental movements in diverse regions, and with varying academic orientations. While the general introduction provides a broad understanding of social movements in social science, the short sectional introductions enable readers to situate the chapters in their proper contexts. The essays in Concerns of Equity and Security examine social movements in India with respect to two dominant forces behind contemporary social unrest-inequity and insecurity. Equity is not only concerned with income and class, but is also related to ideas of development, distributive justice, and empowerment. Development brings in its trail disparities in income and displacement, which devastates habitats of people and causes insecurity. This reader also covers issues of environmental and ecological security in the context of this displacement. CONTRIBUTORS Indu Agnihotri Philip G. Altbach Debashish Bhattacherjee Martha Alter Chen D.N. Dhanagare Ranjit Dwivedi Kathleen Gough Vina Mazumdar Partha Mukherji T.K. Oommen Rajni Palriwala S.M. Pandey Supriya RoyChowdhury Vandana Shiva
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Author : Edited by T.K. Oommen

Publisher: Oxford
Published Year : 2001
No of Pages: 352

ISBN: 9780198063285

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