Take Charge Building An Entrepreneur Mindset

Entrepreneurship is a mental attitude- a mindset. It is the sense of responsibility that comes from the ownership of an enterprise an intellectual and emotional belonging. Not mere legal possession. An entrepreneur mindset is about owning our dreams, our flights of fancy. We need to picture our castles.in the air completely, smell our khayali puloo, and then discover the means of making it come true. A big fantasy with a feasible action plan is vision. The vision gives us the courage to own the risk and the generosity to share the rewards of enterprise. When this vision engages the individual members of our team, a conviction runs through our enterprise. It is conviction and integrity that builds the dreams team takecharge is about owning a dream and making it a reality takecharge is about how to build a team that works for the vision of one that s shared by all. takecharge is about 10 Entrepeneur Mindset Strategies that will build excellence in enterprise takecharge is about the attitude that powered Vijay Kumar to tell Mr R K Gupta, Meh paanch lakh ka sauda karne aaya hoon, aur meri jaib meh paanch phuti kaudiya bhi nahin hai (I have come to do a deal for five hundred thousand rupees, when I don't even have five busted bits in my pocket) (Trishul, 1978) takecharge! Challenges the reader to demand more from self and always look higher!
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Published Year : 2012
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